Overcoming Life’s Struggles!

Life is full of joy …

Life is full of adventure!

There are days full of joy and happiness!

Then comes times of trouble!

We have to be strong to go through these difficult times!

If we keep our faith in God, we will always thrive and survive through the good and bad times!

Published by judybarbera

People Person: my name is Judy Barbera. I am retired from selling. I have two daughters and two wonderful grandsons. I have a walking problem. I love my husband.

12 thoughts on “Overcoming Life’s Struggles!

  1. Ah, it seems you are a family of artists! 🙂 I was wondering when you’d post something! Tis lovely! And thank you very much for following my blog; from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate each and every one of my readers! Even the mildly creepy guy with a cat fetish who seems to be flirting with me…. Hopefully you can appreciate my dark, dry, dirty, bitter sense of humor! 😀

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